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 Tournament CUP #1 [Unofficial)

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PostSubject: Tournament CUP #1 [Unofficial)   Sun Sep 09, 2012 5:34 pm

1. General Information
Version: 1.26
Map: DotA ver. 6.72f
Tournament Type: Team Elimination BO1
Platform: RGC (Room: SGL)
Drafting Mode: Captian mode -cm

2. General Rules

2.1. Behavior
Participating playe rs must always have good manners and respect other players and the Admin staff/organization. A player may receive a warning, default loss or disqualification if one of they commit any of the following:
o refuses to follow tournament official rules
o uses insulting language
o makes fun of the opponent or the admin staff
o shows an unsporting behaviour
o tries to scam admins

In any of the above cases, if admins are not present, the game has to be played till the end and the replay/screens be sent to the admins for investigation. For reports contact an admin and hand over possible indications.

2.2. Observers
Only the following observers are allowed:
- Admins and officially allowed members (by admin staff). Letting admins observe on request is mandatory. The penalty for not letting an admin join a game is Game Loss or Disqualification.
-Save on fb,tower and every 5 min!
2.3. Penalties
Player Warning: After a warning is given, the game goes on. If a player accumulates 2 warnings during a tournament, he will be disqualified.

Game Loss: Game loss given to a player means that they lose the current game no matter what the result of that game is. A win would be awarded to the opponent instead.

Disqualifications: A disqualified player will be ejected from the tournament. They will not be able to further continue the current event.

2.4. Disconnects

If a player disconnects, if a recent save file can be used, the game will be rehosted if both players agree. If there is no save file that can be used, it will be a default loss for the player who disconnected.

Whenever a problem that you can't decide about arises, contact one of the administrators. In case of a dispute without reasonable proof, the game has to be replayed.

3. Gameplay Rules

- Fortification is allowed.
- Buybacks are allowed.
- Bottle cannot be placed on a Courier or Flying Courier once it has been delivered successfully.

Abuses & Exploitation:
Hero Trapping (Warning or Game Loss): Intentionally trapping enemies into trees or holes is not allowed.
Pause/Resume Abuse (Warning or Game Loss):

You may pause at the beginning of the game to decide bans and drafts. Once that is done, the game must be unpaused.
From this point on, pausing without any valid reason is disallowed. Resuming the game without the other player confirming that they are ready is not allowed either. Players that are constantly pausing or resuming to ruin the game will receive a game loss. If someone pauses the game without a valid reason, he will receive a warning.

Creep Blocking (Warning or Game Loss):

Creep blocking permanently is not allowed but creep slowing/delaying or luring is allowed. It is not allowed to block creeps with the help of spells, such as Fissure, sprout etc. it is only allowed to use the hero model to intercept with creeps (accidental blocks are okay, as long as the fissure - for example - was directed at an opposing hero).

Bugs Exploitation (Warning, Game Loss or Disqualification):

No Exploitation of any known old or new bug discovered during game play. No excuses will be entertained. Ignorance is not an excuse. Participants are expected to know what these bugs are. Participants who experience any abnormal game play are advised to inform the admins immediately

Definition of bugs:
Anything abnormal which will give a player/team an unfair advantage.
Anything which will cause interruption/fatal error to the game.
Cheating (Disqualification):

Any kind of cheat is strictly prohibited. Warkeys/Dotakeys are allowed.
** The game has to be played till the end in any situations and the replay/screens be sent to the admins for investigation.
*** If the game did not crash, then the game has to be played until the end and the replay be sent to the admins for investigation.

How to Sign Up for the Tournament:


Clan name: Last Team Stending
Clan tag: LTS
Clan members:
Yagami~Raito(Team Captian)
Clan Mail :LTS
Clan Country:LTS

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Tournament CUP #1 [Unofficial)
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